CCHI Receives Middle East Innovation Award in Automation at GITEX

​The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has won the Middle East Innovation Award for 2018 in the field of Business Process Automation (BPA) on K2 platform. The award ceremony was held on the sidelines of GITEX 2018 exhibition currently held in Dubai.
CCHI excellence was proven in this field through a study conducted by K2 on the automation systems that are applied on its Middle East platform. CCHI has successfully provided the best e-services to insurance companies, service providers and those insured on the CRM system, which resulted in an outstanding service contribution by means of a digital experience that benefited CCHI clients and partners in the management of their businesses. The award is aimed at highlighting the distinguished achievements of clients in the field of business process automation on K2 platform. The company presenting the award is the top provider of business engines.
His Excellency, the Secretary General of CCHI, Mohamed bin Suleiman Al-Hussein, said “The council has achieved e-transformation for its services by 95.45% since the inception of services of unified health insurance policy, as well as the visitor system that enabled the implementation of mandatory insurance upon extending visits, in addition to services of the “Sam” system.
He added that the CCHI Secretariat-General has earlier activated the CRM system for service providers, insurance companies and claims management companies. Such a system is for electronic registration through which the service provider and insurance company can apply for approval and e-qualification, as well as review their data and contact the CCHI. The system also enables those insured to submit complaints and follow up on their progress; it guarantees rapid response to those complaints, as well as services quality control. Major updates have been introduced to the customer service system so that it could automate the complaint procedures and support digital transformation at the Secretariat-General, which witnessed a qualitative leap represented in nearing the achievement of 100% in e-submission services for service providers, insurance companies and claims management companies on the CRM system.
This comes as part of a plan to drive and develop insurance relationship with the bands targeted by the health insurance system, namely (the insured, health insurance companies, health care service providers, employers), which helps boost the level of health insurance industry and fulfil the aspirations of the beneficiaries of the insurance service, Al-Hussein noted.
CCHI makes available through its portal, the service of inquiring about health insurance using the National ID Number, Residence No., or the Border No. for residents and expatriates, as well as reviewing the details of the health insurance policy for the insured and members of their family, in addition to obtaining information such as the name of the insurance company, submission date, as well as the date of insurance expiration in both the Georgian and Hijri calendars.

Last Update : 10/23/2018 4:27 PM