The Secretariat seeks to Health Insurance Council to contribute to the work together with partners the Council in the health insurance sector in the Kingdom through the provision of a database designed to support decision-making process in this sector, using all sources of reliable and documented information, and within that what comes out of the Council of the reports and studies, in​cluding this annual report (IV) for the fiscal year 1431 H / 2010.

Where has this year achieved many accomplishments is the most important 'Taatmad 2177 service provider health and rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of 26 companies health insurance Bladhafah to the rehabilitation of five companies that manage claims by health insurance by the Council, as the number of the insured covered by the system, health system, the cooperative of more than 8.4 million people .
He treated the Cooperative Health Insurance Council Secretariat with the representatives of the challenges that accompanied the phases of the application of the system since the issuance of Cooperative Health Insurance Council of Ministers Decision No. (71) and the date of 27/4/1420 AH corresponding to 11/8/1999 AD and through the past three years in addition to this year the report.

However, thanks to God Almighty and the Almighty, then under the auspices of the governors of the order of this country's goodness may God preserve them and Adam on this Aloutnazza, raising it, and under the guidance of His Excellency the President of the Council and the Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rabiah, and by members of the Council effectively and targeted check the implementation of these plans through the completion of many stages of the application of this system to cover all non-Saudis living in Saudi Arabia and the Saudis as well as workers in the private sector, which contributed to the end of the fiscal year in the past achieved many accomplishments will also explain in detail in this report.

Secretary General of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance
        DR.Shabab Saed AlGhamidi     ​                     ​


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