The development of the CCHI gateway comes after a full-fledged effort on the track of implementing e-government as inspired by the directives of our rationale government and abrupt enforcement to harness and provide modern means of communication to facilitate government transactions and procedures; as compared to employing traditional means, especially when applying an important system like the cooperative health insurance.

These same modernization efforts will bear fruit in extending the support provided by CCHI to the health insurance industry, create more efficiency in the performance of the CCHI Secretariat, and expedite communication among leaders and staff of the CCHI.

The CCHI gateway, in its updated structure, modern look, and high potentialities, has become an interactive platform where parties of the insurance transaction, whether insurance companies, healthcare providers, employees and clients, meet together. This gateway will facilitates their transactions and procedures anytime, anywhere through providing  new and  state-of the-art technologies that support the new means of digital communication, and help provide them with the most important and updated information they need in performance of the tasks of the cooperative health insurance system.

Minister of Health

CCHI Chairman

Dr. Tawfiq bin Fuzan Al-Rabia'h

Last Update : 4/16/2017 1:23 PM